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Rounding decimals homework year 4? Do your homework gifs.

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❶In this worksheet, your child will practice rounding decimals to the tenths and hundredths.

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Rounding Worksheets for Practice
Rounding Numbers
rounding decimals homework help

It is also referred as rounding off decimals or rounding with decimals. Let us now see how do you round decimals. The first step in rounding decimal numbers is to determine the decimal place at which you would stop. It depends on the degree of accuracy you need. The most common practice is to stop with two places after the decimal point. That is, rounding decimals to the nearest hundredth. Consider the digit which is in the immediate lower place.

That is, the digit which is to the immediate right of the rounding digit. If that digit is 5 or more than 5, then the rounding is increased by 1 and all the other digits to the right are ignored. On the other hand, if the digit to the immediate right of rounding digit is less than 5, then no change is made in the rounding digit and all other digits to the right are ignored.

Let us try some examples to illustrate the concept of this topic. Sorry, this site will not function correctly without javascript. The scripts we use are safe and will not harm your computer in any way. Please enable javascript in your browser. Search by your textbook and page number. Estimating Sums and Differences 6. Addition and Subtraction Word Problems 7. Estimating Products and Quotients Multiplication and Division Word Problems Patterns with Whole Numbers Factors and Primes Multiples and Least Common Multiple Greatest Common Factor Introduction to Fractions Equivalent Fractions Part I Reducing Fractions to Lowest Terms The examples below show how the steps above can be applied when rounding to the nearest whole number, nearest tenth, and nearest hundredth.

You can use the Rounding Calculator below to check your answers and also to try some more examples for yourself. Problems like the example below can sometimes be a little trickier. They require a good understanding of decimal place value.

The correct answer is 4. The practice quiz below helps with incorrect answers by providing supplemental questions with additional help and guidance. Or open the practice quiz in its own window. There is also a rounding decimals worksheet generator that provides a limitless number of questions.

Rounding Examples Example 1: How many songs can you download? In this case we need to round down to get an answer of 9 songs Example 2: Rounding Calculator rounded to the nearest thousandth hundredth tenth whole unit --Select-- ten hundred thousand ten thousand hundred thousand million ten million hundred million is.

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Rounding Decimals

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Nov 08,  · I need help rounding decimals. Below are the problems: (Round decimal to the nearest hundredths place) (Round decimal to the nearest thousandths place) (Round decimal to show more I need help rounding Resolved.

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