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This administration was looking for a different approach, particularly, as Mauro suggested, in light of changing public opinion in the U. Over the past 10 years, public opinion surveys demonstrate that Cuban Americans — including those living in Florida — are increasingly open to the concept of engaging the Cuban government. I would add a third factor, which is the adverse effect that the U. The Cuban government has been very successful on diplomatic engagement with countries around the world and certainly in Latin America in opposing our policy of isolation.

The Obama administration believes that our new approach will help improve relations with our hemispheric neighbors and may even encourage those neighbors to play a more constructive role in promoting change in Cuba. I would say that the Obama administration is looking at this as a legacy issue.

This is similar to when [President Richard] Nixon went and opened up China. There is a certain amount of legacy building here that we should be looking into. Congress will obviously need to approve the lifting of the embargo. Since the Republicans control both the House and the Senate, how do you expect this to play out and how long do you think it might take?

Gustavo, since you are a former official in the Obama administration, perhaps I could turn to you first to ask what you think? What is often referred to as the embargo is a collection of rules, regulations and laws, some of which are wholly within the purview of the executive branch.

I think the President is acting within his authority to liberalize those rules to promote greater engagement with Cuba, to promote trade and commercial ties with the ultimate aim of empowering the Cuban people.

For there to be truly robust commercial ties between Cuba and the U. Nonetheless, the disagreement with the President is probably not what it would have been if this action had taken place 10 or 15 years ago.

So I think you will find a good number of members of Congress who are at least open-minded. We have to wait and see what the reaction is going to be. Interestingly, Senator [Bob] Corker from Tennessee, who is the Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, recently questioned the effectiveness of the embargo and suggested that he would keep an open mind pending those hearings.

So, though one can expect fairly ferocious opposition from some members of Congress, more from the Republican side and a few on the Democratic side — most importantly Senator Bob Menendez from New Jersey who has always been a stalwart supporter of the embargo — we have to see how things play out over the next few months.

A lot of the Republicans from the farm states are supportive of this move from the President and of further moves. Do you see this as sort of the low-hanging fruit on the economic front? What opportunities do you see in the agribusiness market? Cuba already imports a significant amount of agricultural products from the U.

Every week we have ships leaving south Florida with containers full of American products going to the island. The trade is [worth] multi-million dollars. There was a lot of pressure years ago from the agricultural community and the governors of farm states who had excess capacity and wanted to export their agricultural products to Cuba. That resulted in the passage of the Trade Sanctions Reform and Export Enhancement Act of , which enabled those exports to take place. Mauro, in addition to agribusiness what do you think are some of the main sectors of the U.

Anything related to services —including financial services — are obvious areas of collaboration. There are other parts of the economy that people are not thinking about now where there could be an increase in collaboration.

Over time — give it five, 10, 15, 20 years — the Cuban economy is going to become very close to the U. Proximity is definitely an important factor. But you also have the fact that the educational system in Cuba is recognized as one of the best in Latin America.

So you have a relatively highly-educated population that will be able to take advantage of any economic opportunities in Cuba resulting from increased foreign investment. Beyond tourism, Cuba has huge needs in virtually every sector, including infrastructure and housing. The question, of course, is going to be one of financing. Who finances the investment? The knowledge economy in Cuba is significantly stronger than people give it credit for.

The country has one of the highest literacy rates in the hemisphere, one of the highest college graduate rates and PhDs in the hard sciences. Cuba has been producing physicists, mathematicians and so forth who have been exported to other countries.

Is there an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Cuba that could attract investment and nurture technology startups? We have seen some very early efforts. Facebook is actually hosting one coming up soon. Cuban developers — recent arrivals in Miami — are very sought after. Gustavo, you mentioned Helms-Burton which is obviously a big regulatory hurdle. In addition to that, what would you consider some of the greatest challenges both legal and regulatory in being able to exploit the economic potential of this partnership?

There are potential impediments on the U. They realized that the only way they were going to grow economically and, frankly, survive, was by attracting foreign investment, and the amendments and enabling legislation allowed them to do that. A number of European, Canadian and Mexican firms rushed in and experienced mixed results, in part because the Cuban government has been slow to make further changes in its legal and regulatory framework in response to the needs of foreign investors.

Several years ago, in recognition of tepid economic growth and prospects, the Cuban government adopted over measures aimed at incentivizing further foreign investments and opening up the economy to private enterprise.

While all of these changes are significant in that they are directionally positive toward the development of a market economy, the Cuban government has thus far taken a go-slow approach.

So, while changes will have to take place on the U. S individuals and corporations, the Cuban government will have to make changes as well to facilitate investment in economically attractive sectors and to provide investors with access to a legal system that adequately protects them as all investors require in any country. Investors want to make sure that Cuban courts will be fair in interpreting laws and contracts that are entered into between U.

In addition to the step of normalizing relations between the U. Or what kind of trajectory do you see for Cuba? That is clearly the ultimate outcome. The issue is how long will it take.

And how exactly is that going to happen? We know there are several ways of making a transition from a centrally planned economy to the market.

In Eastern Europe, in Central Asia, China, Vietnam, in each of these cases we have seen different ways of making that transition, which is a very difficult transition.

Cuba has a number of things going its way. It was mentioned earlier that it has a highly educated population. But it is not a huge economy. It is very close to the U. I would like to add that Cuba also needs to think very carefully about two issues in the next few months. One is land ownership and real estate ownership. There have been some reforms but, technically speaking, all land in Cuba is owned by the government and it is leased out to cooperatives or to individual farmers.

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National anthem of CubaThe island of Cuba has seen many changes since being spotted by Christopher Columbus in It became known worldwide for its sugar industry but often had an unstable economy. In the s Cuba was involved in several national and international conflicts. Many of those concerned the country’s ties to the political and .

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Cuba - Language and Religion - The official language of Cuba is Spanish. There are almost no regional dialects in the country, though some Indian words have become incorporated into the language. Since the Revolution, the role of religion in Cuban society has become relatively insignificant. Improved homework resources designed to . Cuba, largest and most western island of the West toplabour.cft help with homework and facts, plus games and trivia an answer for Describe the conflict with Cuba in the early s. and find homework help for other History questions at eNotesOct 29, Best Answer: Cuba is a country. it is an island. it is the continent .