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Buying a Computer - Term Paper Example

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❶I recommend the following components for a new personal computer used by a typical college student for school and everyday life: Or one could get more memory, and get , times as much speed when the data would previously pushed out to disk.

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Term Paper on Computer

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Most computer systems, particularly the higher-end models, come in more than one configuration, desktop, mini tower, or tower. All essays are written from scratch by professional writers according to your instructions and delivered to your email on time. Another aspect to pay attention to when buying a computer is the hard drive. A 3 page paper which examines what a consumer should look for when purchasing a home personal computer.

When writing a program, programmers use compilers like Visual. The memory on a video card is used for loading up screen pages in. The choices we have are abundant, and the information we must. Intel is the leading manufacturer of microprocessors, but microprocessors are also manufactured by other companies such as Cyrix and AMD.

How to Research a Paper with Sample Papers - wikiHow Although these other microprocessor chips are probably just as good as an Intel, there may be some subtle differences in them that might affect their performance working with other components and software.

When writing a term paper or thesis, you are permitted to receive any amount of help from anyone, as long as you acknowledge the help so that your instructors can. Depending on your topic you may want to rely on the scientific report style or literature. A computer is a device that can be instructed to carry out an arbitrary set of arithmetic or logical operations automatically. Another place to look for computers is at a computer show.

Computer shows may be some of the best places to look for computers, as they have a tendency to sell computers anywhere from twenty to seventy percent off the market value. However, most computer shows tend to be in heavily populated regions. If a person can find one though, it would be beneficial to purchase a computer there. When purchasing a computer it would be advantageous to the buyer if they bought a computer specific to their needs.

It is because of the lack of knowledge of computer that people end up buying computers that are not the most optimum to them. A buyer should list all the uses they will need from a computer in order to completely utilize it. Most people buy a computer because it looks attractive to them, by way of such things as faster CPU speeds, or larger memory capacity.

However, when such performance is unnecessary, it is a waste of the buyer s money if the computer isn t completely utilized. Computer companies and businesses realize that not everyone can afford a brand new computer.

In order to satisfy the demand of the average consumer, computer companies and businesses have set up purchase plans to aid computer buyer s in procuring a computer. In the first plan, computer purchasers are able to finance a computer. With financing, the consumer makes a down payment of about ten percent of the computer s value, and then continues paying in smaller monthly or weekly installments to the company, or business until the entire price of the computer has been compensated.

At the end of the contracted term when the money had been completely paid, the computer is the sole property of the purchaser. In the second plan, consumers have the option of leasing a computer. With leasing, the computer buyer goes through a similar process as financing. However, at the end of the contracted term the buyer has the option of renewing the lease, and also updating the computer at the same lease rate.

Provided that the computer that is exchanged for the original computer is equal in value as the original computer, when the original computer was first leased. First of all, the higher the number, the longer the computer will remain modern and the less likely it will be to become obsolete. The megahertz number represents the speed of your computer.

Data flows through a computer under the control of a clock signal measured in Megahertz. The least expensive machines come with a MHz Pentium. Over the last few years, Intel continued to reduce the price of CPU chips every three months, even when there was no competition. Eventually AMD and Cyrix reappeared with viable alternatives. The clock speed is the rate at which the microprocessor processes information and this is measure in millions of cycles per second MHz. If we compared the speed of these four Pentium class processors, assuming that they all had the same clock speed, it would go something like this.

What is MMX technology? What this means is that microprocessors that use this technology receive 8 bytes of data as one package and this package of data is processed using a single instruction.

Microprocessors that do not use the MMX technology would receive the 8 bytes of data, one at a time, and then would process each byte individually. Basically what this does is speeds up multimedia and communication software applications such as audio, graphics, video, and data communications. If one is only using the computer for word processing, creating simple spreadsheets, or just surfing the Web, much of a difference in the speed would not really be noticed.

However, if one is using the computer to manipulate some graphic images, edit sound files, run a statistical analysis package, or compile some programming code written in Visual Basic or Visual C, then a big difference would be seen. Every machine has the power to handle ordinary applications.

What brand to get: What brand of microprocessor does the computer have, type and speed? Intel is the leading manufacturer of microprocessors, but microprocessors are also manufactured by other companies such as Cyrix and AMD. Although these other microprocessor chips are probably just as good as an Intel, there may be some subtle differences in them that might affect their performance working with other components and software.

The type of microprocessor or the class of computer is important. Anything under a Pentium, such as a or , is old technology. Since Pentium is a copyrighted name, other chip manufacturers have to call their microprocessor something else like As far as the speed of the microprocessor goes, the current standard in computer systems being produced today is somewhere around a to MHz Pentium, although there are still a lot of the older ones being sold and several models faster than MHz.

Memory Also called main memory. The working space used by the computer to hold the program that is currently running, along with the data it needs, and to run programs and process data. The main memory is built from RAM chips. The amount of memory available determines the size of programs that can be run, and whether more than one program can be run at once.

Main memory is temporary, and is lost when the computer is turned off. It is distinguished from more permanent internal memory ROM which contains the computer s essential programs, and storage the disks and tapes which are used to store data.

Random Access Memory The working memory of the computer. RAM is the memory used for storing data temporarily while working on it, running application programs, etc. There is also a form of non-volatile RAM, which must be continually energized by a battery to maintain its content. The most common form of RAM is built from semiconductor integrated circuits.

Random Access Memory cache Extremely fast memory chips that help the computer to operate faster by temporarily storing frequently-accessed or recently-accessed data. When the CPU needs data, it first checks the internal cache, which is the fastest source.

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Term paper on computers should be fully informative and simply written that even a person who is not aware of the usage of computer technology can understand it easily. Clear and vivid writing makes your writing of term paper on computers a good one and you are eligible to get good marks for your written computer term paper.

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