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A Level Media Coursework Help

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Media Studies Coursework - AKA Non Examined Unit (NEA)

a level media coursework help
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The primary artistic credit for the film. Generally the film director, but sometimes the producer or writer. Normally stylized "A film by name " or "A name film". Sometimes placed before a title. As a variation some of the below may be noted: Pursuant to WGA rules, writer credits are immediately adjacent to the Director. If based on characters from a book or other media. Person who wrote the story on which the script is based, gets "story by" credit, and the first screenplay credit, unless the script made substantial changes to the story.

If each works independently on the script the most common system , they are separated by an "and". The Directors Guild of America usually permits a film to list only one director, even when it is known that two or more worked on it. Exceptions are made in rare cases such as a death, and subsequent replacement of the director mid-production, and for established directing teams such as the Coen brothers. Pursued — a media synopsis.

In groups we prepared an idea for a new drama based around the same thriller type features we hoped to include in our final film opening. This allowed us to explore some of the key conventions analysed in the essay below and actually apply them to a real-life example of production. Pursued is a new thriller drama coming soon. Set in a small town in England, a mysterious forest is the setting to this enticing new series. Our series will be broadcasted on a Thursday night at 10pm, therefore after the watershed so that we are able to use adult themes.

There has been a mysterious wanted criminal roaming and has said to be following children that soon after disappear never to return. When two girls arrange to meet up on the out skirts of a forest one remembers that this criminal is still on the run and therefore warns her friend to be extra safe.

Low-key lighting would be used in order to create a dark and tense atmosphere. The scene initially opens with two friends arranging to meet over the phone, both of these characters are young girls named Erin and Caitlin. There would be quick cuts to show where the antagonist is lurking and where the protagonists are to show the close proximity between characters and this would help build suspense.

There would be a point of view shot of Erin on the phone as the antagonist Leanne is watching her through a bush. Before Erin has the chance to express her concerns to Caitlin about this villain the phone cuts out.

There is an extreme close up of this shot so that it is clear to the viewer that the phone has cut out, provoking panic in an audience. Erin then goes to sit at a bench nearby and looks down at her phone in confusion. This is where Leanne sneaks up behind her and grabs her by the neck pulling her away. There is a mid-shot of this so the audience can see the whole image of what is happening.

Erin then falls unconscious and Leanne drags her away, whilst Leanne is dragging Erin eerie music is played in the background to add suspense as the viewer is uncertain to where Leanne is taking her. Whilst Leanne has Erin she spots an old rusty wheelbarrow and believes it would be easier to move her if she was in it. She flings Erin inside the wheelbarrow. Caitlin is worried so begins to explore the forest; she discovers the phone on the bench.

She starts to run quickly through the forest frantically looking for her friend, fast pace editing would be used here to enhance the panic. There would also be a tracking point of view shot of the forest to show that she is in the middle of nowhere looking for her friend.

Eventually Caitlin spots Leanne with the wheelbarrow in the far distance, she screams for her and begins running. Caitlin runs after the pair and therefore peruses them both. She managed to catch up with them and grabs Leanne by the shoulder; Leanne spins around and stabs Caitlin right in the stomach, there is a close up of the knife entering the body.

A slow motion effect slow pace editing of Caitlin falling to the ground, Leanne grabs Erin and throws her down next to Caitlin so she can look at her victims. Leanne proceeds to stab both protagonists again to make certain that they are dead. Finally there is a low angled shot of both protagonists lay dead on the floor whilst Leanne stands over them with the bloody knife in her hand. A non-diegetic soundtrack is used throughout the killing to build on the atmosphere of the scene.

The first episode will be shown at 9pm until 10pm, each episode being an hour long. The watershed it there to protect younger viewers against bad language, violence, sex scenes and drugs being shown on television. The show will be shown on a Sunday as it is the most popular time for viewing as more people are not working late Sunday. This is because I will inherit the audience from Call the Midwife being such a popular show and pick up any more viewers who are waiting for the BBC news to begin.

This maximises views on top of any viewer actually tuning in for the show. Length of each episode. I feel this thriller is best suited to a larger demographic rather than a channel such as E4 which is aimed at younger viewers but has much more of a niche audience and I want to attract as many viewers as possible. I believe the thriller should be potentially entertaining for any age provided they enjoy a thriller, however, the watershed indicates this is not suitable for younger viewers.

The audience is specifically male as following standard stereotypes that male viewers enjoy destruction and gory thrillers. However, it should be noted women are more than welcome to watch the show it is simply a tactic to increase and maximise viewing figures. BBC is well known as a broadcaster being the oldest and biggest broadcaster in the world, this reputation offers broadcast in a variety of countries further increasing viewing figures and the distinctive features offered by the BBC is more likely going to make people watch my opening episode.

A s part of our research I looked at a variety of print Thriller film adverts so that as part of my production I could create my own. I have analysed two in total one from the s and one from present day so that I could distinguish what was different and similar between the two. I have also had a go at designing my own poster as practise for the one I will produce for my final product. Overall, the thriller genre is known to be a more extensive adaptation of practical and cinematic production.

The genres main aims are to interact, promote intense excitement and to build anticipation for an audience, consequently by implying suspense and nerve wracking tension. Thriller and suspense films are virtually synonymous and interchangeable categorizations, with similar characteristics and features. This in turn contrasts with other genres such as romance or comedy; these films seek to involve the audience throughout on a basic level.

The tension usually arises when the main character s is placed in a menacing or difficult situation dangerous mission or mystery from which escape seems impossible.

Plots of thrillers involve characters which come into conflict with each other- there is usually an antagonist who is portrayed as a menacing character. Furthermore to build primary affectivity, loose effects are essentially used in thrillers, this is to make sure that a certain reaction from the audience is obtained.

Archetypes include using suspense, this discomforts the audience and creates uncertainty, and this can be used prior to a shock or a major plot twist.

This will alleviate the tension; these emotions combined create the perfect mix of poignant emotions when watching a thriller. Clear cuts will often be used to achieve this effect. A major way in which suspense and tension is generated within a thriller is impending soundtracks, usually used within the title sequence to initially set the mood of the film. Foreboding non-diegetic soundtracks or sounds surround the title sequence to aid suspense before the visual imagery has even begun.

This sound usually creates a sound bridge to help determine a certain atmosphere and setting. Another straight-forward convention that is evident in thriller films is the characters. Typical characteristics that come with protagonists and antagonists are as recognised and typical as they are in any genre.

However there are other key features added like atonement or aspects of a psychotic nature to link in with and create the thriller genre. Protagonists are usually the prime role, the set portrayed as a role model, they are aspirational characters; their motive is to conquer the antagonist and in some incidences make them look foolish.

The antagonist on the other hand is the complete opposite, these type of character are usually treacherous and threatening. These characters can be portrayed in any shape or form, women or male, child or adult. This helps the audience to come to the conclusion that this character is not to be trusted and often comes across as a cagey sort of person.

Despite the differences of antagonist from film to film, they all share the same motive; they aim to cease the day and commit evil acts or crimes. More often than not their motivation for doing this is usually for revenge or out of anger and spite of the protagonist. For example a film set in the past will have to match their costumes to fit this time period, for a medieval film you would see armour.

Furthermore in the 21 st century you would probably see maybe typical up to date clothing or unusual eccentric costumes depending on the plot, they would have higher technology now than in historic days. For male characters their costume usually reinforces their physique making them look strong and empowered. Women are most often shown in seductive or revealing clothing to show their vulnerability.

Many ideas can be adapted to fit the thriller genre which is why there is a vast array of different films. Typically the main themes demonstrated in thrillers are political conspiracy, psychotic engagement, terrorism finally love struggles which in turn leads the person to having to commit murder. He emphasises heavily on mise-en-scene and editing in his work creating suspense. He is particularly good at manipulating his audience by making them fear and empathise with his characters.

Hitchcock uses mise-en-scene and editing to help to display one theme throughout a scene. It is when Hitchcock adds a plot twist and shocks the audience that the excitement builds. The audience know that Marion is in the wrong but can emphasise with her situation and understands her reasons for her actions. The audience grows an emotional attachment to her character and is shocked when she is brutally murdered near the begging of the film. It was unusual for a film director to do this but that is what made the film so memorable.

Usually the murder would come at the end of the film, Hitchcock decided to kill Marion off towards the begging. This baffles the audience and makes them wonder what the rest of the film will be about. This murder only stages the base for the final dramatic twist at the end of the film which shocks the audience even more. The film psycho is based around a true story written by Ed Gino Bloch in a newspaper of that era; Hitchcock adapted the main features and turned it into a novel.

Once Hitchcock received praise and positive feedback from his novel he decided to adapt the novel into film and bought film rights in order to do so. He then decided to copy this process for the rest of his films so that he was positive that they would be an ultimate success. He knew the story off by heart so he was able to make the camera angles, editing, mise en scene and sound effects just right in order to receive the responses from the audience that he wanted.

In the film, Marion is portrayed as the heroin and is hoping to run away with lover and get away from her home town of phoenix with her stolen money. However this heroin is murdered by what seems to be a crazy and psychotic old woman. Mothers are typically shown to be loving and would sacrifice anything for their children, Hitchcock takes that ideas and turns it around and exaggerates these details into a psychotic level. The mother is presented as being extremely over protective and this is her motive to kill people to protect her son, this would transfix the audience as they would be intrigued with her bizarre and overdramatic behaviour.

Nevertheless when the audience finally discover that the character is in fact Norman, the son and motel manager dressing up and pretending to be his dead mother. This conclusively means that the audience sympathise with the real mother as Norman is portraying her as being a mad, murderous woman when she may not have been. Hitchcock creates Normans character on the basis that his mother died a long time ago and he has had difficulty coming to terms with this bereavement, this has aided his insanity and he becomes her as a way of comforting himself.

Mise-en-scene is arguably the most important factor in films, especially in thrillers as the tiniest details can create various emotions and reactions. This leaves the audience In a state of inconclusiveness, for example when tension builds essentially dark low-key lighting would be used rather than bright.

Mise-en-scene in fact sets a thriller, it makes sure that the audience is aware and keeping up with the storyline, use of location, low-key lighting etc. All these aspects form together to create a thriller and help to add to the suspense and atmosphere intended. Props are used in films mainly to display characteristics; the props used in the framing of a scene can indicate to what the character themselves are like. The office is covered in stuffed birds; Marion is clearly uncomfortable with this as most people would be.

This is a subconscious tip-off of what the audience should suspect. There is chiaroscuro lighting on Norman to show his split personality, this may convey that he has a menacing side and that Marion should be aware of him. Sound is another major factor of thriller films; this is dramatically used in the shower murder scene and the scene beforehand. Non-diegetic soundtrack is used, which creates a gloomy atmosphere, the audience has sympathy for Marion, she is sat completely alone and rips up a piece of paper with figures on as she sighs.

The music then stops and the only sounds are ones that are synchronous and match the visuals in the scene for example when she flushes the piece of ripped paper down the toilet also the shower. The audience then can see Norman creeping up on Marian through the shower curtain, the non-diegetic sounds then start again when Norman pulls back the curtain to reveal Marion and he begins to stab her.

There is also a high pitched diegetic scream, dramatic music is used for this section of the scene as the excitement of the audience has reached a climax.

When she falls out the bath there is silence to add to the dramatic nature of the scene. The film begins with many birds eye view shots and close ups which are slightly cantered, the visuals show cuts almost like quick flashes of an investigation. Behind these visuals an eerie and slightly uncomfortable sound track is used. This non diegetic sound compliments the series of visuals as they build tension and suspense.

This use of music and visuals can give the audience a good clue of what the film will be about, the audience become aware of the themes and context, they are aware it is a crime thriller where they should expect lots of suspense. The nature of the thriller is also exhibited to the audience, ominous forces are surveying the evidence and work presented from an investigation, this shows that the nature of these crimes are serious.

Afterwards an establishing shot is displayed; close enough to hint as to where they are. Fincher leaves little hints written in blood, this is a typical convention of a thriller as it creates apprehension and again hints at the idea of criminals.

Detective mills and Somerset Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman are unfortunately two steps behind the criminal so initially they struggle to conclude the investigation. This adds an edge to the criminal as the audience are now aware that he is clever and calculating. The audience is fixated on the two detectives as they want them to find the murderer out, it becomes extremely gripping when finally Somerset realizes what is happening but unfortunately it is too late.

This crime of the century is loosely based on the bible, a Christian caught up in an idea bigger than himself. Fincher surrounds the basis of the film around these messages, the audience forget what is really happening, and this technique is very common in thrillers.

Furthermore low-key lighting is used throughout the thriller, this is to emphasise the bleak atmosphere and to suggest that bad things are about the happen in the plot, also the nature of the crimes are very dark and severe. During the murder scenes there is emphasis on the low-key lighting this again is so the audience have a feel of what the characters are feeling and the situation they are in.

Another main convention that Fincher uses is there is clear conflict between the two main protagonists Mills and Somerset. This can create an edgy tension as there is an obvious repellent atmosphere. Anger between two people who are meant to be working together only ends difficulty and bitterness. Throughout the course of the film Fincher allows the relationship between Mills and Somerset to form and grow, this is why the ending of the film is again so devastating.

In this film I believe the convention that mainly stood out was the use of creating tension through the abstract elements. Check out the All Forums page. We have a brilliant team of more than 60 Support Team members looking after discussions on The Student Room, helping to make it a fun, safe and useful place to hang out. View your post below. We just need to check something in your message and will publish it as soon as we can.

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