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❶Postgraduate coursework Graduate certificate. Graduate Certificate of Leadership T3

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SOS makes every effort to offer an interactive and customizable curriculum, which would help students with their learning needs and ensure that all the important topics in each subject have been dealt with exhaustively.

When it comes to learning a subject, it is not enough to memorize a few facts and formulas. Such an approach can only result in average scores. A motivated student should be keen not only to understand the concepts but also take the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge when tested. Solutions with detailed explanations are provided for all questions such that the students can cross verify their answers. Lack of enough practice problems in textbooks is a serious drawback of conventional education.

SOS ensures that students not only have the conceptual knowledge but also receive plenty of practice with problems from each and every topic covered in a chapter. Practice of problem solving facilitates an in-depth understanding of the topic. SOS offers unlimited practice test in each and every section. A student can go through a practice test to get acquainted with a different variety of question of difficulty levels ranging from beginner to expert. A student can take these tests multiple times.

Each question would have multiple answer options and the student is expected to select the right answer. Every test would randomly generate questions based on chapter you select for the test. Practice is the key to success. Mock tests are simulated tests that resemble a real testing environment.

SOS offers mock tests for a variety of education boards and college admission tests around the world as it helps students to get accustomed to what they can expect in their real examinations. SOS specifically instructs its students to try the mock tests after studying each and every chapter. It helps students to identify their areas of strength and weakness and the topic which they need to concentrate more.

It is a very effective tool for self-evaluation. A student should take Mock Tests several times. Each question would be presented with multiple choices as answers, from which you make your selection.

After taking a test, a student is advised to go through the solutions and detailed explanations for all the test problems. Even for problems answered correctly. The explanations can be extremely helpful in building your knowledge and refining your understanding of the subject.

Advanced Test results are reported in the Progress Report of the student. Advance Test helps students to understand where they stand in their knowledge of the subject, and if they require further guidance. Since the Test is designed to be of the same rigor as a real test, it helps the student get accustomed to the examination, and thus, instill confidence in the student.

This test is uniquely designed to prepare the student to do well in real tests. Each test question will have multiple choices, precisely choose the right answer. Take the test in an environment, and with the mindset, which resembles real test situations. Graduate Certificate of Writing and Literature. Graduate Diploma of Commerce. Graduate Diploma of Communication. Graduate Diploma of Data Analytics. Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning. Graduate Diploma of Health Promotion.

Graduate Diploma of Information Systems. Graduate Diploma of Information Technology. Graduate Diploma of International Finance. Graduate Diploma of International Relations. Graduate Diploma of International and Community Development. Graduate Diploma of Literary Studies. Graduate Diploma of Midwifery. Graduate Diploma of Museum Studies. Graduate Diploma of Professional Accounting. Graduate Diploma of Professional Political Practice. Graduate Diploma of Professional Writing. Graduate Diploma of Sustainable Regional Development.

Graduate Diploma of Visual Communication Design. Graduate Diploma of Writing and Literature. Master of Business Sport Management. Master of Construction Management Professional. Master of Cultural Heritage. Master of Financial Planning. Master of Health and Human Services Management.

Master of Information Technology. Master of International and Community Development. Master of Nursing Practice Nurse Practitioner. Master of Teaching Primary and Early Childhood. Master of Teaching Primary. Doctor of Philosophy Arts. Master of Applied Science Health and Disease. Master of Applied Science Health.

Master of Architecture Research. Master of Construction Management Research. Master of Education Research. Master of Laws - Major Thesis. Master of Science Biology and Chemical Sciences. Master of Science Environmental Science.

Master of Science Information Technology. Master of Social Work Research. Doctor of Philosophy Environmental Science. Doctor of Philosophy Nursing. Doctor of Philosophy Education. Doctor of Philosophy Health. Doctor of Philosophy Psychology. Doctor of Philosophy Health and Disease. Doctor of Philosophy Exercise Science and Sport.

Doctor of Philosophy Information Technology. Doctor of Philosophy Biology and Chemistry. Graduate Certificate of Disability and Inclusion. Master of Accounting and Law. Graduate Diploma of Accounting and Law. Bachelor of Software Engineering Honours.

Diploma of Indonesian T3 Bachelor of Arts Psychology T3 Bachelor of Creative Writing T3 Bachelor of Communication Public Relations T3 Bachelor of Criminology T3 Bachelor of Communication Journalism T3 Bachelor of Communication Digital Media T3 Bachelor of Communication Advertising T3 Graduate Certificate of Cyber Security.

Bachelor of Communication Honours T3 Graduate Certificate of Writing and Literature T3 Graduate Certificate of Communication T3 Graduate Certificate of Humanitarian Health T3 Graduate Diploma of Communication T3 Graduate Diploma of Writing and Literature T3 Master of Development and Humanitarian Action T3 Master of Arts International Relations T3 Master of International and Community Development T3 Master of Politics and Policy T3 Master of Communication T3 Master of Humanitarian Assistance T3 Master of Arts Writing and Literature T3 Bachelor of Education Early Years T3 Graduate Certificate of Education Research T3 Master of Education T3 Bachelor of Health Sciences T3 Bachelor of Psychological Science T3 Bachelor of Psychology Honours T3 Graduate Certificate of Human Nutrition T3 Graduate Diploma of Human Nutrition T3 Master of Applied Sport Science T3 Master of Human Nutrition T3 Bachelor of Commerce T3 Bachelor of Business T3 Bachelor of Property and Real Estate T3 Bachelor of Business Sport Management T3 Graduate Certificate of Business Administration T3 Graduate Certificate of Professional Accounting T3 Graduate Certificate of Corporate Management T3 Graduate Certificate of Commerce T3 Graduate Certificate of Information Systems T3 Graduate Certificate of Marketing T3 Graduate Certificate of International Finance T3 Health and Community Courses.

Studying law may be a path to become a lawyer, although the majority of graduates end up in alternative careers. You can study online for a straight law or combined degree.

Criminology degrees are also offered through distance learning. Law and Justice Courses. Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths degrees are all available online. Just within a Bachelor of Science program, you have many majors to choose from, including environmental science, and maths and statistics. Engineering degrees and certain science majors require students to attend residential schools on campus.

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Online diplomas are awarded for one to two years of study at a community college, technical school or university. If determined, students can complete an online diploma program while continuing to work, care for loved ones or fulfill other commitments.

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