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homeworks illumination help

I tried extracting the project and it keeps giving me an ABORT about halfway through the extraction process. I am pretty unfamiliar with illuminations and tech support was no help. What version software are the processors on? You need to use the same version to extract the program.

The processors are on 1. Lutron told me to be on 1. Is that the difference maker? I know how to access processors, extract projects, and set up the IP, but programming in illuminations is something I have never done. Contact support and get the extraction utility if you have not yet. It may help, but it sounds like you are hosed. We are in the same boat on a take over job. The file is corrupt on the processor. That was what tech support told me. It happen quite often on processors that are old and have not been touched in a long time.

No reason why a file might go corrupt, but that was their claim. The system functions fine, but we cannot pull the file and make any changes. It sucks, but it will eventually come to a point where the client will either have to pay us to re-program the system from zero, or replace the processor with a QS processor AND reprogram it. Lutron does not have an official release for 1. But as Audiophiliac mentioned, its not uncommon to see the program file corrupted on the processor and unable to be extracted.

Contact the original installer and ask for the file. The worst that can happen is they say no and you are exactly where you were. The company i work for has been around so long that the homes we did have been sold a couple of times and the latest owner has their own AV guy. In those cases we have actually met with them on site to go over the system we did, wiring, nuances etc. How did you extract the file? All of them not just the one your connecting to.

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The Lutron HomeWorks Illumination system must be fully programmed prior to Would you be able to send the following information to hwsupport lutron. Right click on the Terminal screen and choose to "Save Log". Search "wireshark" on google and click on "download" - Press "Start" to start the capture on the program. Please suppress the prompt and replied Bad commands can be left unsuppressed Connect Link 9 to the on-site router using an Ethernet cable. First, it would be helpful if you highlighted the changes.

Secondly - the thing I find interesting is that now you are saying that the prompt and replies should be suppressed in the Illumination system. I reported a problem in another thread where I was getting delays of over a full minute between the button press in QS and the execution of the Illumination command. When we looked into it further we had suppressed the replies and the prompt and the problem was resolved when we unchecked the suppression.

Hi I just tried the updated procedure and it is wrong. If you leave the monitor "keypad buttons" and "keypad led,s" un checked the delay is seconds however if you tick them the response is extremely quick.

Thank you for this feedback.

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essays to read Homeworks Illumination Help prompt 2 uc essay examples online learning experience essay. Feb 05,  · I paid \k for a homeworks wireless system install from a Lutron dealer in the PNW several years ago. The intent was to Homeworks/Illumination - Trying to automate, lost program file!